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Can't hear my XBOX friend on Discord! So, my GF got an XBOX and I have a PS5. I'm in the discord (connected through my phone because there's no other option on PS) and whenever she connects directly from the console she can hear me, but I can't hear her and whenever she connects through the phone I can hear her but she can't hear me. It's like ....

Discord is one of the most popular VoIP applications, allowing gamers and non-gamers to communicate with their friends over text, audio, and video. However, The audio feature has been under scrutiny from many users, who report they can’t hear anyone on Discord.HyperX Cloud Orbit S can't hear people in voice chat on Discord. Hey, just bought my new headset and it's working on everything like YT and Spotify but not on Discord. My friends can hear me, so I know the mic is fine, but their voices aren't coming into …Here's what has always worked for me: Keep the Parsec connection going. Go to Discord. In the 'Voice & Video' settings, scroll down and toggle 'Audio Subsystem' from Standard to Legacy, or vice versa. Note that this will cause Discord to restart. I've had this issue frequently with friends regardless of who's hosting, and this always seems to ...

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In Discord, click "User Settings" (the "gear" icon to the right of your name in the bottom left of the Discord window) 2. From the resulting screen, click "Voice & Video" from list on the left-hand side of the window. 3. Set your "Input Device" to …When I speak there is a green circle but my friend can't hear me. I told him to check his input & output devices and they were correct, he could hear me on his phone but not his pc. We both restarted discord fully but still he couldn't hear me on his pc. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I had a weird ...I reinstalled discord a few week ago and I can't hear my friends when I call them Edit: I'm on mobile. Advertisement Coins. 0 coins. Premium Powerups Explore ... reinstalled Gmod today and played with a friend in a private server for a few hours and i got this discord message? we share 0 communities together so how did he find my discord?

Can't hear friends on Discord. Hi everyone. I recently met up with my friends again to play some games and I have problems using Discord: they can hear me but I can't hear them. I look at options and the headphones volume and chat mixer are greyed out, but the first changes if I move the volume wheel. I can change the volume of my microphone ...Another thing to check would be in your audio settings. Options and career > settings > audio > voice chat channel > change to all or team. im on steam! I gave that a go and no luck : ( thanks tho! #3. Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments. Per page: 15 30 50. Halo: The Master Chief Collection > General Discussions > Topic Details. I can talk and others ...Anyone know why Medal wont pick up my friends audio in discord well? I have them turned up pretty high but when I clip things while in game, their voices are extremely quiet and hard to hear.I am using an Astro mix amp which allows you to split outputs for voice and game (if you would typically use something like discord for chat. That is not an option when playing cross play). If you mess around with the default output to the mix amp in windows you should be able to hear your cross play friends.

The issue is mainly caused by a hardware problem with the microphone, incorrect microphone selection in Discord, a temporary hiccup with the app or device, …Discord can use a different sound device for the join leave than it does for the actual voices. Go into Settings / Voice and Audio and make sure your default Output is set to the sound device that ShadowPlay is recording then hit Ctrl + R on Discord to restart it. It can randomly change which causes things like this, but now isn't the best time ... ….

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Discord can’t hear anyone (5 SOLUTION) Follow the steps in the order given for best results. 1. Use the Mic Test option. Discord recently introduced a new option to test your mic, allowing you to make sure your voice is buttery smooth and gives you a chance to tweak settings to minimize background noise.Can't hear friends stream audio properly. Hello There, I don't know how to put it clearly since it's complicated I don't speak english very well: when my friends stream videos I can't hear the entire audio, I can only hear when someone speaks. It's like the rest of the sounds are digitally separated from the dialogues.whenever i start a call i cant hear them. it say its green but i cant i have checked the setting i have set all audio to max i have checked the pc system i have tested hearing on other platforms like google hangouts it works but discord there is a problem and they can hear me but i cant hear them i can only hear them thru google hangouts. -1.

Things I have tried: setting the default input and output device as my headset in discord. legacy audio mode. refreshing the app (ctrl + R) restarting the app by killing it in task manager and starting it up. logging out of discord and logging back in. checking for updates on discord.In this video, I cover several steps on how to fix the sound on Discord. If you can't hear any volume or are having problems with others hearing you, there a...

badlands 9000 winch parts Friends are a big part of making your Discord experience unforgettable — which is why we’ve written this helpful blog post to explain how they work.Make sure Valorant's audio is enabled in Windows. You can also adjust your sound settings. To do so: Open Settings. Click System. Click the Sound tab. Make sure your Input and Output devices are correct. You can also click App volume and device preferences to adjust the master volume of all apps and devices. p1717 acurainterstate 15 closure On the PS5, go to your party. Where it has the 4 icons; Invite Players, Start Share Screen, Start Share Play, Invite to Game and the 3 dots. Click on the 3 dots, click "Voice Chat Settings". It will bring you to a separate fricking settings menu with: Microphone LevelMute Game Voice ChatSHARE YOUR VOICE ... overton funeral If what you hear shapes how you listen, what happens if you have hearing loss? We explore the nuances involved with listening to and producing music while experiencing hearing loss... cinemark century walnut creek 14 and xdhow to rebuild a fuel injectorfj40 brake booster Strange, my friend hade the same issue but related to joining a game in csgo. Joining any game or server would make us unable to hear her until she reconnected to discord. It randomly fixed itself after a day. Whenever I turn on COD: Black ops 3 on steam, everyone in my channel can't hear me, nothing happens when I'm playing other games such as ... alignment shops in phoenix Here are some common reasons why you cannot hear other people on Discord –. Issues with audio output. Wrong audio settings. Problems with Discord. How to fix the Discord no sound issue. Step. 1. Try reconnecting your audio output.I have searched for workarounds and currently everything is requiring capture cards, extra mics, headsets, etc. just to be able to hear audio. There's now a setting in Voice chat settings for discord on the PS5 Called "Share your voice" it allows your voice to be included in other players broadcasts and video clips. wendy's family nuggets pricewilliam lanwaypublix application for employment There are two ways to cancel sending a Voice Message that you recorded. 1. While pressing and holding the Mic button down while recording, drag your finger to the Trash icon on the left side and then release. 2. After swiping up to lock recording mode in place, in order to cancel the recording, just tap the Trash icon on the left side.